Found Allie! blimeycow

she stands alone small 

no one to watch as wind blows 

through her afraid mind 

You Only Drink Lava Once

Let the lies begin

masturbating     porn     drugs     atheist 

stalker     wet dreams     sex     death 

lover     nudes     running away     stealing 

school     cutting    fingering     pervert 

dreams    Jacob     Anxiety attacks    sleeping

lies    { kissing a boy }     depression     anorexia 

truth     sisters     hate    pregnant 

words     incest     poison    alcohol 

we stand still watching 

and find beautiful chaos 

grey and white take flight

everyday at school 

It doesn’t seem to matter

Death. It doesn’t seem to matter if people were ready for it or not. It’s rough. You can prepare and set your stance as to not fall when this emotional blow comes…but I don’t think we can really prepare for death. Not the lady in the nursing home, not the teacher who finds out her student was killed. If death means forever gone, there is nothing more heart ripping and depressing. With no hope of seeing your love one again in another life, life itself can feel empty. Meaningless. We can never be ready for death until in some way we have accepted the situation, and have a new hope for tomorrow. Jesus is that hope, and with him death is a beautiful thing.  I choose to believe this not because it makes me feel good and secure but because it is the truth. 

    Pieces love and glory 

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